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  • We really, really, REALLY recommend this dive shop for everything from scuba gear sales to the awesome certification program they offer. Their scuba instructors, Aaron, Little Jon, and Nick are super personable, and very fun to be around. They bring a large degree of humor to the table but at the same time are very serious about teaching you. Very professional. My wife is Brazilian and speaks English as a second language and they took the time throughout the whole course to engage her and make sure she learned everything she needs to know properly. The fourth day of class was so fun as we were able to dive off a boat and go 6' under checking out shipwrecks and coral reefs! One other thing, please go to this shop and compare their prices to anywhere online, their pricing will not be beat!
    Marc, Scuba Network Student
  • Absolutely incredible! My brother, sister, and I had a very bad experience scuba diving in Tanzania, but we wanted to try properly in the States. All the instructors were incredible. Cameron was excellent at the briefing, answering all our questions and explaining everything fantastically. Aaron was then our instructor, and he couldn't have ben any better. So nice, very funny, yet extremely safety conscious and very professional. In conclusion, it could not have been better. The next time I am in Florida, I plan to advance further with my diving, through Scuba Network DB!
    Benjamin, Scuba Network Customer
  • Scuba Network on West 21st is a wonderful place to get SCUBA certified. Mark was our instructor, and he was fun, knowledgeable, and made the class an enjoyable experience. There is a lot of material to go over, but Mark kept the class on pace while still taking the time to give thoughtful explanations to any questions that were asked. This is a great place for a beginner to learn and receive personal attention and feedback.
    Julianne, Scuba Network Student
  • I just got my Scuba certification. Yeaaah. The Scuba team at Scuba Network is excellent. Both instructors (( at the pool and open water were patient, knowledgeable and very responsible. Thanks Martha and Steve. I looking forward to go to Maldives! Yes, we are going.
    Virginia, Scuba Network Customer